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About us


Headquartered in Mandalay, UMT group operates the largest distribution network throughout the whole upper Myanmar. On any given day, approximately 25 million people in upper Myanmar use products delivered by UMT distribution group to eat healthier, feel better and get more out of life – giving UMT a unique opportunity to sustain an exponential growth of its distribution network channel.

We focus on sales, marketing, procurement, warehousing, physical distribution, logistics services, importation and after-sales services. Yes, we have not only the scale and resources to provide all the essential services that will help you grow your business, but also the speed, creativity and agility of a fresh new start-up.

We believe, above all, in one thing – something that’s unique to us – and that’s the unimaginable punctuality of our UMT Group. Therefore, UMT is the clear best choice as your trusted business partner.


To create the largest online eCommerce platform and offline distribution network in Myanmar to fulfill one-stop service for our customers.

To assure a customer oriented and on-time delivery organization, via creating the best communication platform and technological advanced distribution system.

Company History

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Started as UMT trading company

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Distributor of Aung Thate Hti Incent

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Distributor of Mandalay Rum

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Distributor of Cocacola

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Distributor of Telenor

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Distributor of GoldRoast Coffee

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Distributor of Myanmar Beer, & Wave Money

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Distributor of URC